Tuesday, 4 October 2011

It is very easy to copy music from an audio cd with Windows Media Player

It actually does all the work for you. It converts your music to WMA or MP3 and stores it in the My Music folder.

Copy music files from an audio CD

1. Open Windows Media Player.
2. Put your audio cd into your cd rom drive.
3. All the boxes next to the songs will be ticked by default. If you do not want to rip certain audio tracks, make sure they are not ticked.
4. Click on Copy from CD. Then you will see all your music.
1. Or, on the File menu, you can click Copy, click Copy from Audio CD, and then choose the drive from which you want to copy. In the screenshot below the album is called Back to Back and it is in F:drive.
2. The audio cd tracks will be converted to WMA or Mp3 if you have Windows media player 10 or more.